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Ever find it hard to gate? Did you love SiaFu's Dock'n'Go?
If you answered Yes to the above Questions then this is the mod for you! Get within the Glowing Blue Ring and Auto gate will automatically send you on your way to the core! But don't worry, with built in controls you can disable it from your ships config screen. Just encase you want to loot a wreck thats near the gate.
Categories Reviewed on YouTube, Station
Author sdw195
Rating 6   1
Added (Last modified) 03.05.2012 (11.06.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Llwch 03.05.2012 05:14

Oh, I'm *totally* trying this one out...

I'm presuming that no reset is needed, if installed...?

sdw195 03.05.2012 05:16

yes sorry, restart is needed,

Llwch 03.05.2012 06:33


Oh well, I was getting frustrated with that game, anyway. Time to reboot. :D

Shane Filomena 03.05.2012 07:23

the .xml reminded me of a Tractor Beam .xml I read once: I do not know why:

but looks great :) but If I remember the tractor beam right : I'll not use it while being attacked :) LOL

WillyTheSquid 03.05.2012 16:44

It is just me? I turned auto-gate off in the ship config screen, but upon gating into a new system auto-gate is active again?

sdw195 03.05.2012 22:40

it is just you, it doesn't enable it's self on gate

WillyTheSquid 04.05.2012 16:59

it keeps happening :O weirdness

mistere 05.05.2012 01:09

^Resistance is futile...All your gates are belong to us.

sdw195 11.06.2012 05:41

updated at 40 dls, rpc made a fix to stop it messing with dynsys amd gravity :D thanks RPC

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