Ships by Heron View Mod
Screenshot has two ships, the super freighter and the ion speeder. one has special abilities...

also included is a generic shield display, both ships use it.

Disclaimer: the ships are vastly overpowered and not at all balanced.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 15.07.2007 (22.05.2010)
Game Version 0.98b
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Jackal 07.01.2008 13:16

How do i make it work?

Little Modder... 15.05.2009 20:32

The most downloaded mod :)

nrt677 15.05.2009 20:49

The best is the heron-class freighter!

Aeonic 14.12.2009 09:35

The freighter has two virtual devices, one allows you to press a key and decontaminate your ship, the other regenerates your armor like a patch spider that can't be damaged. Both ships are extremely unbalanced.

ptbptb 22.05.2010 11:51

Godmod territory?

Bobby 22.05.2010 19:44

Re-uploaded: I went through and dropped the insane device limits, eliminated cyberdefense, dropped armor limits, reduced speeds, and reduced the big one's cargo to 500 and it's mass and thrust as well.

The ships still aren't balanced, but aren't AS bad.

Little Modder... 15.06.2010 11:00

there were 3049 device slots!! OMG!! ... It could be possilbe in the 2400, but, it makes the game too easy...

Azar Wolf 15.06.2010 14:43

Well, at least he wasn't making an attempt at being balanced. (in fact, he put a disclaimer advertising it's godmoddedness)

Azar Wolf 15.06.2010 14:44

It's also ages old, so... it's probably one of his first mods, and those usually tend to be extremely godmodded

luio 18.05.2015 10:01

the super frighter looks cool

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