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This little cheating mod adds a device that creates crates that collect ore that you mine. The crates show up on the map.

The crates have infinite space and a 200ls collection radius. The device can create an infinite number of crates.

The device doesn't have to be installed to work. Crates can be destroyed in their dockscreens.

Simply mine, let the crates collect the ore then pick up what you want by docking with the crates. Enjoy.
Categories Devices, Usable, Station,
Newbie Boosts, Misc, Mining,
Godmod, DockScreens
Author TranscendentGeek
Rating 5   0
Added (Last modified) 16.04.2012 (16.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Llwch 16.04.2012 03:05

I hardly consider it a real "cheat" mod... It's a good idea, and saves time for people like me that can only play for short periods of time.

I quite enjoy the mining aspect of the game, but the tedium gets to me. It's a welcome break from constant combat, though.

I'll be trying this mod out tonight. Thanks!

TranscendentGeek 16.04.2012 06:14

reuploaded at 3 downloads to make it draw ore in like a magnet.

Llwch 16.04.2012 09:06

Who needs a chick magnet, when you have an ore magnet, instead? :D


sp_testure 17.04.2012 23:40

Ha ha.. good one..

Llwch 18.04.2012 02:37


Avalon4 28.05.2012 18:02

I like this mod! It doesn't seem like a cheat mod to me though, except that you can basically create unlimited cargo space (even though it can't be moved).

This mod doesn't seem to work in my version of the game - but it is pretty nicely modified itself. Could you explain what this mod refers to in its' function? It may help understand what is keeping it from working properly.

(Symptoms include ore not being pulled to the crate, or being pulled real, real slowly, pulling of vanilla jettisoned crates containing ore, and failure of 'collected' ore to show up in the crate's contents. Again, this is likely the fault of another mod I have installed - I just want to know what might be keeping it from working right.)

RPC 29.05.2012 04:39

You might need the mod it branched off of, Mining Pack.

I recall that a similar issue happened with another of TG's mods when the proper resources weren't in the mod :(

TranscendentGeek 29.05.2012 13:08

It was an earlier attempt at this particular type of device. So it can be buggy at times. What mod do you think my be interfering?

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