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This mod replaces my previous tesseract mods. It will be included in V2.0 of the Mining Pack. This version is a complete redo of the concept.

Cargo space changes dynamically based on a safety limit (prevents the flying backward issue) and a capacity limit that can be changed with upgrade roms.

Upgrade roms are available to turn the hold into a smuggler's hold and a rom that will add auto ore collection.

The hold has a dockscreen now with a user manual and allows you to configure ore collection distance and level.
Categories DockScreens, Devices, Usable,
Newbie Boosts, Misc, Mining
Author TranscendentGeek
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Added (Last modified) 12.04.2012 (13.05.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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TranscendentGeek 16.04.2012 06:26

reuploaded at 19 dl. Reduced mining upgrade fuel use...changed how ore collection worked slightly. Ore will gravitate towards your ship before being collected like it is being tractored in.

Llwch 16.04.2012 09:07

Simply awesome...

I'll have to try to get this to work with the previous mining pack, somehow... Any ETA on when v2.0 of the mining pack is coming out?

TranscendentGeek 13.05.2012 09:16

reuploaded at 50dl added missing image files.

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