[Xolarix] Doomstar Dreadnaught View Mod
Screenshot Originally designed in the early days of the Federation rebellion, the Doomstar sat on the drawing board for many years as the newly formed Federation lacked the ability to build a ship of this complexity and size. All this changed once the shipyards at Sol were completed. The Doomstar represents some of the most advanced shipbuilding skill shown since the end of the Pardus conflict. The intricate armour-plating arrangement on the Doomstar reveals its role as the dreadnought of the galaxy, designed to take a pummeling and still be operational against superior numbers. Combined with a vast armament this ship is truly an awesome presence in the Federal fleet. Only a few of these dreadnoughts have been built, and as such they are given only to the most successful admirals as flagships.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Xolarix
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Added (Last modified) 09.04.2012 (09.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Shane Filomena 10.04.2012 20:33

sry, forgot to vote last night : i was too excited :)

Peter 26.09.2013 07:42

Xolarix, do you mind if I use your graphics for a mod and put it on xelerus?

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