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Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 23.03.2012 (23.03.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Amariithynar 23.03.2012 03:09


Shane Filomena 23.03.2012 04:12


TranscendentGeek 23.03.2012 08:35

D: I want it yet it doesn't work.

Amariithynar 24.03.2012 04:40

Doesn't work? hmm. Tried dealing blast, thermo, or 20 points of damage in a single shot to something with it?

Darth Saber 24.03.2012 16:53

So, the asteroid is destructible; does it leave behind any ore that may be in it, or are both destroyed?

Amariithynar 30.03.2012 04:25

If memory serves, prophet programmed it to only work on ore-less asteroids. So you have to have mined out the asteroid to be able to blow it up.

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