Eridani Always Has a Solar Panel Array for Sale View Mod
I consider the solar panel array a vital piece of equipment for the early game. So much so that I start-scummed each game until Starton Eridani had one for sale.

This mod causes Starton Eridani to always start off with a solar panel array for you to buy.

(6/1/13) Now no longer overwrites Starton Eridani.
Categories Newbie Boosts
Author st753m
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Added (Last modified) 07.03.2012 (02.06.2013)
Game Version 1.1
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Shane Filomena 07.03.2012 01:39

I agree with the solar panel array being highly important , I have said as much many times. In some of the things I have done I have added "similar" items to compensate for players but they are never quite the original.

I think you resolved the matter here, clearly.

Llwch 07.03.2012 01:49

Neat MOD, but one I probably won't use... I *like* the intensity of the early game, as I often take a ship that won't run on the cores that you commonly find, so I have to make money in a hurry so that I can travel two or three systems in and find a solar panel array.

However, for absolute newbies, this MOD is probably a "must have". I know I would have put it to good use in my early games, before I got the hang of it. :)

WillyTheSquid 07.03.2012 02:43

Important? Really? I never use it. Well, this just proves that everybody has their own preferred way of playing the game :)

Llwch 07.03.2012 02:54

I use it because I hate running out of fuel in the midst of a game that I've been playing for WEEKS... I nearly deleted the game off my thumb drive the last time that happened.

WillyTheSquid 07.03.2012 03:07

Bwahaha, I had to grin at that one. I have my own weak points due to short attention span. Mainly the cargo crates that splash acid on your cargo and the damn Commonwealth customs confiscating my loot because I forgot to jettison it before docking. Fortunately, PM seems to occupy the same mind-space as I do, releasing mods that specifically counter-act my weaknesses. My hero <3

Great game, this. Have you checked out PM's "Items912" mod? It contains an external solar panel that has 10x the energy boost, but can be damaged by enemy fire. It's a really well-balanced item in a finely-tuned mod. Also check out his Reactors912 mod with the solar-powered reactors :) :)

Llwch 07.03.2012 03:37

I've got both his Items912 and Reactors912. I love 'em. :)

RPC 07.03.2012 03:59

You don't to override Eridani. Just have a check for when the player enters the system to look for Starton Eridani and add the solar panel array. (remember also to add it once)

christian 07.03.2012 17:14

I never used the Solar panel, and I play transcendence for some time (3 or 4 years), but I agree with Llwch, for newbies this extension is a Gift from the stars.....

st753m 08.03.2012 01:25

Really? I'd assumed it was impossible after repeated failures. I'll work on making an updated version that does not override vanilla Starton eventually.

RPC 08.03.2012 09:25

If you need help, just ask on IRC :D

st753m 01.06.2013 21:04

Reuploaded at 151 downloads. Now no longer overwrites Starton Eridani.

SpongeJr 03.06.2013 01:21

Nice one. Major solar panel / solar armor user here. This is balanced to be barely a boost but still a big boon to the newbie who abhors the bothersome burden of buying backup fuel.

I think it should be considered fairly... balanced.

digdug 03.06.2013 21:19

nice ! also, better compatibility with other mods ! :)

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