Stargate - The will of the Gods v1.0 Beta View Mod
Screenshot in-game screenshots:

The file have 35.8MB(too big for Xelerus)

Donwload Link: /

Pass: "Xelerus1062"


Version 1.0 Beta:
*Goa'uld Cruiser
*Death Glider
*Wraith Hive(to see play with the "Test ship")
*Wraith Cruiser(to see play with the "Test ship")
*Dart(to see play with the "Test ship")
*Goa'uld shipyard
*Goa'uld Outpost
*Goa'uld advanced outpost
*Tok'ra research station
*Tok'ra Trade center
*Tau'ri, Beta site
*Tau'ri Space Station
*Earth(New Graphics)
*Defense Satellite
*Asgard+Goa'uld+Tau'ri+Wraith=75%(weapons, shields and devices)
*Random systems
*Unique systems
Categories Systems and Topology, Station, Ship (Player),
Ship (Friendly), Ship (Enemy), Shield,
Graphics, Devices, Development,
Adventure Extensions
Author christian
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Added (Last modified) 26.02.2012 (26.02.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
Filesize 195 B
Downloads 2327
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Shane Filomena 28.02.2012 04:34

I use 4Shared : i have the desktop thingy around here someplace....

when you update links : try to get the latest one in the description, please, not everyone actually reads what we write, they like the picture and try to download whatever might be here.....

And that concerns me ( now ) because I know I acted like that when i first found there were extra features to the game : i took everything. Now I realize that was not so great an idea ( I filed up my USB drives), so i read everything first :)

christian 28.02.2012 13:23

Shane, the link on the description is my WebSite, I put all my mods there, this link is the same of the one than is there.

I never donwloaded mods by the image, I just download everything :D

(my transcendence's folder have 1.8GB)

mistere 11.03.2012 11:20


I'm at like 300mb or less with the different versions I have I think.

christian 12.03.2012 16:39


sometimes my game takes several minutes to load,(3GB DDR2, Celeron Dual core E3400 2.6Ghzs, GT520 Silent), "The Will of the Gods v1.5" (working on) have 40MB and takes 30s to open after load the game.

Azar Wolf 21.03.2012 21:29

Please add an in-game screenshot, or a composite of all new graphics added. This may be linked to.

chucktonica 19.10.2012 20:56

Can you update the mod for current version and possibly add a seperate ships of the wraith, daedulus, and gouald ship with all the weapons please, would love to have them for current version 1.8

chucktonica 19.10.2012 20:57

I tried to to change some things on the seperate daedulus ship to use it but could not figure out what to change to make it work

christian 19.10.2012 22:48

I read your email...I'll work on those ships tomorrow, and upload when done

chucktonica 21.10.2012 04:46

Thanks =) I figured just in case you did not get email you would see this lol =)

simon1965 22.11.2012 22:13

How do i find password 4 stargate the will of the gods?

christian 17.12.2012 18:50

Read the description...

"Pass: 'Xelerus1062' "

mzw 09.05.2013 19:50

wassup just downloaded your mod my game crashes after selecting this adventure and clicking enter....HELP

christian 14.07.2013 11:12

Are playing with 1.07a?

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