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Screenshot This patch contains 2 enemy factions, items, enemies, and 1 player ship.
2 friendly factions moved to the Quantumnet conglomirate Mod.
Categories Ship (Player), Ship (Enemy), Graphics
Author (^o^)
Rating 3   0
Added (Last modified) 25.02.2012 (06.06.2015)
Game Version 1.08l
Filesize 1.53 MB
Downloads 1263
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Shane Filomena 28.02.2012 04:27

I am curious about those satellite looking items: and I Love what you did to the old distributor from your truck :) LOL.

I HAVE to have this.

digdug 28.02.2012 14:41

nice graphics!

(^o^) 28.02.2012 19:30

small update at 48 downloads.

I found little failure and fixed it.

Star Weaver 18.06.2012 19:54

The ship-like-station encounters are new and interesting, though i've only seen the battleship island thing while testing some late game quest tweaks.

The smallest saucereror thingies are my new "goddam bats" I think, they're harder to hit with a howizer than hornets or wind slavers or whatever because of the way they move with their inertaless drive or whatever.

(^o^) 26.11.2012 13:52

update at 266 downloads.

Now this mod can be used with Playership Drones v6.

The battleship island became a more common enemy.(But I think it's very strong as a common enemy. This change may make the game harder.)

WillyTheSquid 28.11.2012 01:18

Will check out & feedback soon!

WillyTheSquid 04.12.2012 23:51

Only encountered some items & the saucerers, but I'm REALLY liking what I'm seeing so far!

(^o^) 09.10.2013 16:05

Some of my old Mods are removed to solve the overlapping.

I'll add some unique parts of them to this Mod, someday.

Peter 12.04.2014 09:22

Love it! Only seen saucers but not saucer bases. Are there even saucer bases?

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