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Screenshot Advanced jump drive lets u set the jump distance of your choice for easy transportation and movement.

Travel 6 times more distance in single jump.

Or just a fraction of distance.

Use it take your ship to far or close targets.
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Author creator
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Added (Last modified) 24.01.2012 (02.02.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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Darth Saber 24.01.2012 20:34

Great work, creator!

digdug 31.01.2012 12:09

welcome creator!

nice mod ! :D

creator 02.02.2012 15:23

Reuploaded at 46 downloads.

Now screen exit on jump.

NIGHTHAWK620 04.02.2012 05:40

PLEASE RESET. I DIDN'T MEAN TO A THUMBS DOWN!!! I clicked to see if it had a comment as to why not liked.

zack 09.02.2012 09:39

can anyone (moderators plzz....) tell me how to change the jump effects.....

wulfgarr 06.09.2014 00:50

how is jumper used...

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