Dual Shield View Mod
Screenshot "The Dual Shield have a unique hability. It can reflect (and become immune to) kinetic and laser damage based on the damage that you've taken."

Enjoy and please comment! =)
Categories Shield
Author Israel
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Added (Last modified) 14.01.2012 (14.01.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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Shane Filomena 16.01.2012 07:05

I rather see items mixed into extensions with other things like a plot or adventure : single shot .xml cloud the lists and fill extension folders until your not exactly sure what is loading into a particular game :

otherwise: I like this and would enjoy MORE of your talents :) ( i know, i know , Im greedy for good talent )

christian 16.01.2012 13:13

Would be great with Blast-Thermo, Ion-Plasma, Positron-Antimatter...

Israel 17.01.2012 15:18

Thank you for the comments!

Shane: I don't have the skills, neither the inspiration (and time) to make something really great...Sorry =) But with time I think I'll be able to do something like an Adventure, or a ModPack.

Christian: I'm kind out of time at the moment, but i'll do other shields based on the same principle. Maybe not one Positron-Antimatter, because there's few weapons on Vanilla that use that kind of damage.

Whoever who read this comment: I need your feedback and comments on balance. =)

christian 17.01.2012 15:31

Your shield save my ship against some pirates, the Antares was destroyed but I'm OK

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