New Class WTH Deflector View Mod
Some new "Deflectors"
*Class IV Deflector
*Class VI Deflector
*Class VII Deflector
*Class VIII Deflector
*Class IX Deflector
*Class X Defector

Implemented and re-balanced at New Stuff:
Categories Shield
Author christian
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Added (Last modified) 04.01.2012 (04.01.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
Filesize 899 B
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Shane Filomena 05.01.2012 10:00

I actually expected a mess of Omni items.

I will put these in my game file, very excellent work expanding the options for devices for the player.

thank you.

christian 06.01.2012 18:39


Star Weaver 04.05.2012 00:11

Are these all about in the same balance for their level as the Claas N Deflectors in the stock game? If so, probably should have a balance tag.

christian 08.05.2012 15:40

Some of them 're different, than I give them the description: "(...)based on a new design(...)", others are basicly stronger versions of class 1~5...

christian 25.06.2012 17:48

***This 'll be included on "New Stuff v1.1'

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