Galactic Map ROM View Mod
This is just a simple mod that adds an item that installs the Galactic Map. It is roughly the same frequency as a targeting ROM, but it costs a bit more.
Categories Usable
Author drako slyith
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 26.12.2011 (26.12.2011)
Game Version 1.07a
Filesize 731 B
Downloads 1772
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Shane Filomena 29.12.2011 09:28

Personally I have yet to use it :) but since you made this .xml : I think I will put it on my to-do list :)

I am flying 1.07a so it might be useful since I think Ill stop tinkering around mining asteroids and go flying ..

I think I stopped playing the game to win when I started to enjoy the great works of authors and new versions and just play it to relax and enjoy ..I think I fought the ICS only twice this year.

sdw195 29.12.2011 22:11


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