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Screenshot A fun little LEGO ship for your enjoyment. The C-257 "froggy" jumpship is a steadfast little spaceship. It is intended to be a military surplus craft. Once a front line troop and cargo carrier, advances in technology lead to it being phased out of frontline service to national guard duty and finally sold dirt cheap by DRMO. Includes custom shield/armor images. The ZIP file includes Mac's weapons pack in case you don't have it already. If you beat the game with this ship, I will make you a golden one with some special upgrades.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Macgeoghagen
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Added (Last modified) 11.12.2011 (11.12.2011)
Game Version 1.0
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RPC 11.12.2011 08:03

I sense a MoTM! :D

RPC 11.12.2011 08:28

It's looking for &itlightabsplate; and I can't find it :(

digdug 11.12.2011 17:46

I love the custom armor HUD !

Macgeoghagen 11.12.2011 20:58

I'll re-upload with some form of ABS plate. The code for the light ABS plate is in the yellowjacket if you want to get that in the interim.

Macgeoghagen 11.12.2011 21:16

Re-uploaded with its own special starting armor.

mistere 29.12.2011 20:34

I love this. I'll have to modify it so I can put a 1GW reactor on it- but it's a sweet design. I love the LEGO weapons and ABS plastic armor too!

Kenobi 14.11.2013 19:37

Wow, I really love your LEGO's!

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