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OUTDATED: superseded by UGWingmen v1.1

dock with your mule autons or rama wingman. now jettison them armor or devices, then go the appropriate screen and install the new one just like it were the player. they can install weapons, reactors, shields, and other miscelanious devices.
also added is the command to make rama stay behind!(gives him the auton controls so the wait works, he can be turned back to wingman mode)
docking with rama is easiest in formation 2 facing strait up or down, docking with other stuff is easist in formation 3 or by targeting your destination.
there is a minor bug that made the game crash to desktop, but this can be easily avoided by making sure the weapon is the last thing to be installed. support for multiple weapons seems limited.
Categories Ship (Friendly)
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 16.03.2008 (16.03.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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schilcote 02.04.2008 03:22

I can fiddle. And I don't see that bug.

schilcote 03.04.2008 12:12

This is a good mod. I have a Mule shooting down Tripolis.

Azar Wolf 03.08.2008 20:30

May I expand this code in my own mod? (As in to make more upgradeable autons and wingmen)

Bobby 18.08.2008 07:44

yes, you can.

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