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Name objGetBuyPrice
Syntax (objGetBuyPrice spaceObject itemStruct)
Argument List spaceObject: The space object that you want to get the buying price of.
itemStruct: The itemStruct of the item that you want to get the price of.
Returns number: The amount that this space object will sell the item for.
Category item, spaceobject, cash
Description Finds the cost it would cost to buy the item from the space object and returns it.
(objGetBuyPrice gSource (itmCreate 0x4001 1))

Returns the price of a light titanium armor for the calling object.

Returns 0 for items the station is not interested in; it returns Nil for items that are not listed. (from 0.99)
Comment For the gplayership returns Nil. Also remember the buy in it means from the players point of view not the spaceobjects.