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Name objCommunicate
Syntax (objCommunicate spaceObject spaceObject number [spaceObject])
Argument List spaceObject: The space object that is sent the message.
spaceObject: The space object that sent the message.
number: The code of the message.
spaceObject: An optional space Object target needed by some codes.
Returns condition: True.
Category orders, spaceobject
Description A function that allows spaceobject to communicate and give orders to autons.
(objCommunicate gSource gplayership 14)

Tells the gSource auton that was communicated with by gplayership to wait.
Comment Only used with autons. Is not used with wing men.
The codes are:
1 = 'AttackTarget
2 = 'AttackTargetBroadcast
3 = 'HitByFriendlyFire
4 = 'QueryEscortStatus
5 = 'QueryFleetStatus
6 = 'EscortAttacked
7 = 'EscortReportingIn
8 = 'WatchYourTargets
9 = 'NiceShooting
10 = 'FormUp
11 = 'BreakAndAttack
12 = 'QueryComms
13 = 'AbortAttack
14 = 'Wait
15 = 'QueryWaitStatus
16 = 'AttackInFormation
17 = 'DeterTarget
18 = 'QueryAttackStatus
George really really really want to discourage us from using these code. Why? Because:
1. Not all controllers accept all codes. Auton, for instance, don't understand the 'AttackInFormation code. In general, unless you see the code being used, it will not work (or will not work correctly).
2. Some codes (such as 'AttackTargetBroadcast) only work when sent by stations that own the ships--sending the message through script may cause instability.
3. George is planning to deprecate the whole system. A better way to control autons and wingmen is to use the normal shpOrder functions--look at the implementation of Volkov, Jenna, and Rama for examples in RC1.