Editors Note: Updated to 1.04, cleaned up (Star Weaver Dec 2010)
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Name itmSetKnown
Syntax (itmSetKnown item [known]) -> True or Error
Argument List item: An itemStruct or the UNID of the item you want to make known.
known: True/nil. Default = true, makes item known. Nil makes item unknown.
Returns True if successful, or an Error if the argument is not an item
Category item
Description Makes the item known, if the item is unknown it turns it into its known type.
Does the reverse if 'known' is nil.
(itmSetKnown &itSystemMapROM;)
(itmSetKnown &itSRSDamageROM; nil)

Identifies all system map roms, while unidentifying defective visual display roms if they were known.
Comment "Known" is Transcendence's parallel to "identified"; unknown items have their stats and (randomized per game) name taken from another item as defined by their unknownType attribute.
The third argument and the ability to set items unknown were added in 1.04.