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Name unvGetRealDate
Syntax (unvGetRealDate) -> (year month day) GMT
Argument List none
Returns (year month day) GMT
Category time
Description Used to get the calandar date.
Example taken from &stStKatsArcology;
; Figure out which to produce based on the real
; calendar
(setq theMonth (item (unvGetRealDate) 1))
(leq theMonth 3)
(setq theItemUNID &itIncandescentLucuma;)
(leq theMonth 6)
(setq theItemUNID &itIncandescentPeaches;)
(leq theMonth 9)
(setq theItemUNID &itIncandescentStrawberries;)
(setq theItemUNID &itIncandescentBellFruit;)
Comment A mod could use this to trigger events on certain days.