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Name shpGetClassName
Syntax (shpGetClassName class flags) -> class name
Argument List class: the UNID or spaceobject of the ship
flags: name flag
Returns the ships class name
Category spaceobject, ship
Description Used to get the class name of a ship. The class name of the wolfen for example, is Wolfen-class gunship. It is a mixture of the class and type attributes of the ship.
Example Taken from &stKorolovShipping;
(objGetName gTransport 4) 
" (" (shpGetClassName gTransport 4) ")"
" is transporting " (intRoundUp cargoValue 1000) " credits worth of cargo."
" She will pay " escortFee " credits"
" if you escort her safely to "
(objGetName gDestination 4) "."
"\n\nDo you wish to accept this assignment?"
Comment A list of name flags can be found here: