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Name resCreateImageDesc
Syntax (resCreateImageDesc imageUNID x y width height) -> imageDesc
Argument List imageUNID: the unid of the image
x: the x coordinate of where the image should be
y: the y coordinate of where the image should be
width: the width of the image
height: the height of the image
Returns imageDesc: a list of 5 numbers. they are:
the first is the UNID of the image resource as a number,
the second and the third are the x,y coordinates in pixels of the resource image
(from the top left corner of the image)
the fourth and fifth are the sizes of the resource image in pixels.
(first width then height)
Category canvas, screen
Description used to create an imagedescription in code.
Example taken from &itMRADExperiment;
(resCreateImageDesc &rsMRADConsole; 0 (if MRADProbe1 0 172) 182 172)