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Name plyRecordSellItem
Syntax (plyRecordSellItem player item [currency] totalPrice)
Argument List player: the player. Usually gPlayer.
item: the item sold.
[currency]: the currency the item is sold in
totalPrice: the price of the sold item
Returns unsure
Category economy, player
Description Used to record what the player sells. Usually used in a dockscreen.
Example Taken from &dsRingerSell;
(block (itemsToSell)
(setq itemsToSell (scrRemoveItem gScreen 1))
(objAddItem gSource itemsToSell)
(objIncData gPlayerShip "rins" gCost)
(plyRecordSellItem gPlayer itemsToSell (multiply gCost 5))
(scrShowPane gScreen "Default")
Comment This is used to display stats