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Name plyGetItemStat
Syntax (plyGetItemStat player stat criteria) -> value
Argument List player: the player identifier (always gPlayer currently)
stat: name of statistic
criteria: criteria of any sort
Returns value: what the stat is
Category player
Description Used to get conduct stats and such.
Example taken from intGetGlobalAchievements
; Commerce stats
(setq totalGMProfit (subtract (plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsSoldValue" "*~fudam -Fuel; -Illegal; -Lux; -Meds;")
(plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsBoughtValue" "*~fudam -Fuel; -Illegal; -Lux; -Meds;"))
(setq totalArmsProfit (subtract (plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsSoldValue" "wsam")
(plyGetItemStat gPlayer "itemsBoughtValue" "wsam"))
(setq totalEquipProfit (subtract (plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsSoldValue" "fud~ws")
(plyGetItemStat gPlayer "itemsBoughtValue" "fud~ws"))
(setq totalMedsProfit (subtract (plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsSoldValue" "*~wsam +Meds")
(plyGetItemStat gPlayer "itemsBoughtValue" "*~wsam +Meds"))
(setq totalLuxProfit (subtract (plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsSoldValue" "*~wsam +Lux")
(plyGetItemStat gPlayer "itemsBoughtValue" "*~wsam +Lux"))
(setq totalIllegalProfit (subtract (plyGetItemStat gPlayer 
"itemsSoldValue" "*~wsam +Illegal")
(plyGetItemStat gPlayer "itemsBoughtValue" "*~wsam +Illegal"))