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Name objIsAngryAt
Syntax (objIsAngryAt obj targetObj) -> True/Nil
Argument List obj: a desired spaceobject
targetObj: the spaceobject you want to check obj's angriness at
Returns Boolean: true/nil depending upon if the target object is angry or not
Category spaceobject
Description used once, in the &CSCTaskForce;
; If we're in the middle of the fleetDelivery mission and we can't
; dock with the target, then we fail
(if (and (eq missionID 'mission1b)
(eq missionStatus 'inprogress)
(objIsAngryAt (objGetObjRefData gSource "Target") gPlayerShip))
(block Nil
(setq missionStatus "failure")
(objSetData gSource "MissionStatus" missionStatus)
(typIncGlobalData &scCSCTaskForce; "missionsFailed")
(shpCancelOrders gPlayerShip)