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Name objAddSellOrder
Syntax (objAddSellOrder obj criteria priceAdj) -> True/Nil
Argument List obj: spaceObject to add the sell order to
criteria: the item criteria string for the items to set a sell order for.
priceAdj: the percentage of the normal price to sell the items for
Returns Boolean: true/nil depending upon success
Category spaceobject, economy
Description Allows the selling of an item at an adjusted price.
Example taken from &ssBattleArena;
(objAddSellOrder gSource "*NU -Illegal; -ID; -NotForSale;" 130)

Tells the station "gSource" to sell items that are not installed, undamaged, not illegal, not an ID and not having the NotForSale attribute at 130 percent of its normal value.

Supposedly returns true.
Comment useful for making a dynamic economy