Editors Note: Related to TypFind and itmGetTypes.
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Name itmEnumTypes
Syntax (itmEnumTypes criteria itemVar exp) -> value of last expression
Argument List criteria: The criteria an item must meet to be enumerated.
itemVar: The name of a variable that will contain each item that we are enumerating. Does not need to be defined beforehand.
exp: The expression you want to evaluate for every item that meets the criteria. It will have the item available as a UNID under the name used in `itemVar'
Returns Whatever the last function run in it returns.
Category iteration, item
Description For each item that meets the criteria in the game, evaluate the expression with the item's itemstruct in the itemVar.
(itmEnumTypes "s" itemType
(dbgOutput (itmGetName itemType))

This will display the name of every shield in the game.
Comment Useful if you want to go through all the items of a kind, like in identifying them.