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Name gamSetCrawlText
Syntax (gamSetCrawlText text) -> True/Nil
Argument List text: text that is displayed in front of the prologue image.
Returns Boolean: true/nil depending upon success
Category prologue
Description Sets the text that will be displayed in the prologue (the screen that appears when you start a new game)
Example from &adPart1Desc;

(gamSetCrawlText (cat

"When the dream came, you knew Domina had chosen you. "

"You would sacrifice everything for the chance She offered: "

"to join Her at the Galactic Core, the eternal temple of the gods.\n\n"

"Leaving your former life behind, you begin the long journey. "

"No matter what obstacles lie in your path "

"you will not fail Domina. You will reach the Galactic Core."

Comment The Network uses this very effectively.