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Name cnvDrawText
Syntax (cnvDrawText x y text font color alignment [screen] [ID])
Argument List x: the x coordinate of text to be drawn
y: the y coordinate of text to be drawn
text: text you want to be drawn
font: font to draw the text in
color: a list of 3 numbers (each from 0 to 255) to define color
alignment: the point from which the text will be drawn ('center, 'left or 'right')
[screen]: unsure
[ID]: unsure
Returns boolean: true if successful
Category screen, canvas
Description Lets you draw text to a canvas dockscreen
Example (cnvDrawText 264 80 "Neurohack Successful!" 'SubTitleBold '(54 176 72) 'center).

As you can see, [Screen] and [ID] are not used.
Comment The coordinates 0,0 correspond to the top left of the dockscreen. You have about 600x400 pixels to draw on.
A list of font sizes are here:
As you can see, [Screen] and [ID] are not used.
That is explained here: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?p=24021#p24021