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Name cnvDrawImage
Syntax (cnvDrawImage x y imageDesc [screen] [ID])
Argument List x: the x coordinate of image to be drawn
y: the y coordinate of image to be drawn
imageDesc: a list of 5 numbers. they are:
the first is the UNID of the image resource as a number,
the second and the third are the x,y coordinates in pixels of the resource image
(from the top left corner of the image)
the fourth and fifth are the sizes of the resource image in pixels.
(first width then height)
[screen]: unsure
[ID]: unsure
Returns boolean: true if successful
Category canvas, screen
Description Lets you draw images onto canvas screens
Example from &dsNeurohackHelp;

(cnvDrawImage 120 0 (list &rsNeurohackControls; 0 0 70 70))

As you can see, [Screen] nor [ID] is used.
Comment The coordinates 0,0 correspond to the top left of the dockscreen. You have about 600x400 pixels to draw on.
As you can see, [Screen] and [ID] are not used.
More on that here: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?p=24021#p24021