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Name objIncOverlayData
Syntax (objIncOverlayData sObj overlayID attrib [increment]) -> newValue
Argument List sObj: spaceOjbect the overlay is on
overlayID: the overlay to access
attrib: the name of the data attribute to work with
[increment]: number to add to value that is already there
Returns newValue: the value that the attribute was set to
Category overlay
Description Shortcut function that adds a value to an overlay attribute without having to get the attribute first.
Example From MiscItems.xml
; Create a barrel of waste every 90 cycles (45 seconds)
(if (geq (objIncOverlayData gSource aOverlayID "counter") 90)
(block (left)
(setq left (objIncOverlayData gSource aOverlayID "wasteCount" -1))
(objAddItem gSource (itmCreate &itRadioactiveWaste; 1))
(objSetOverlayData gSource aOverlayID "counter" 0)

(plyMessage gPlayer "Uranium rod consumed")

(if (eq left 0)
(objRemoveOverlay gSource aOverlayID)
Comment Not sure what it does when increment is not provided.