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Name shpOrderImmediate
Syntax (shpOrderImmediate ship order [target] [count]) -> True/Nil
Argument List ship: The ship that you want to order.
order: A string representing the order.
[target]: optional target. Only used by some order types.
[count]: Optional count. Only used by some order types. Depending on the order it can represent a timeframe or a distance.
Returns True/Nil depending on success
Category orders, ship, 1.04
Description Gives an order to a ship, just like the regular shpOrder function. The difference is that it inserts it at the top of the order stack. The ship will delay the current order, execute the order given with this function and then return to its previous order
(shpOrderImmediate target 'hold 60)

Causes target to hold its current position for 2 seconds and then continue.
Comment First available in 1.04