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Name itmSetCount
Syntax (itmSetCount item count) -> item
Argument List item: the item whose stack count you want to set
count: the count you want the item stack to have
Returns a new item, with the stack count you specified. You should use this item in place of the one you modified to keep the changes
Category item, 0.99
Description Every item in game exists in it's own little stack. Most items in game exist alone in their stack (ergo have a stack count of 1). All items in this stack are completely identical (including enhancements, damage, charges etc...)
This function is used to change the amount of items in a stack.
Example Create one Helium Fuel Rod, and then increase the item count in the stack to 100
(block (rod)
  (setq rod (itmCreate &itHelium3FuelRod; 1))
  (setq rod (itmSetCount rod 100))

the rod variable starts containing a single Helium Rod and then gets increased to 100 fuel rods...
Comment Very useful for changing stack count without having to use itmCreate again.