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Name itmGetTypes
Syntax (itmGetTypes criteria) -> list of itemUNIDs
Argument List criteria: a string that limits which items will be returned.
Returns a list of item UNID's containing all the items in game (including mods) that match the criteria specified
Category 0.99, item
Description A list of item criteria can be found here:
Example Print the names of all weapons in game on the debug console:
(enum (itmGetTypes "w") itm (dbgOutput (itmGetName (itmCreate itm 1) 0)))
Comment * all categories
a armor
b miscellaneous devices (Patch Spider, Jumpdrive, Enhancers)
c cargo hold
d device (weapon, shield, drive, etc.)
f fuel
l launcher
m missile/ammo
r reactor
s shields
t miscellaneous
u useable (armor coating, ROM, etc.)
v drive
w weapon (including launchers)
I is installed
D is damaged
N is not damaged
S is usable
V is Virtual
U is not installed