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Name typFind
Syntax (typFind criteria) => (list of unids)
Argument List Criteria: a string describing what structures you want to find (see below)
Returns list of UNID's
Category type, unid, 1.0
Description This function allow you to return a list of all the xml structures defined in Transcendence.
Example (typFind "s +baseClass") -> (&scStdAutonBase; &scStdWingmanBase;)
Comment * = all types
$ = currency UNID
a = an adventureDesc UNID
b = item table UNID
c = effect type UNID
d = dock screen UNID
e = space environment UNID
f = overlay UNID (apparently original name was 'energy field')
g = globals UNID (currently returns nothing?)
h = ship table UNID
i = item type UNID
m = image UNID
n = system node UNID (currently returns nothing?)
p = power UNID
q = system table UNID
s = ship class UNID
t = station type UNID
u = sound UNID (currently returns nothing?)
v = sovereign UNID
w = name generator UNID (currently returns nothing?)
y = system type UNID
z = system map UNID
_ = template type UNID // We don't support enumerating template types (TSE/CDesignType.cpp)
V = Include Virtual types
+isPlayerClass:true/false = filters in/out ship classes with playersettings
+unid:[a unid] = returns the requested unid if extant, or nil