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Name subst
Syntax (subst string string^1)
Argument List string: A string that contains %number% parts.
string: The strings you are inserting into the first string.
Returns string: The string with the appropriate parts replaced.
Category string operator
Description Replaces the %number% parts of the first string with the element referenced by that number in the argument list and returns it. Can have unused arguments.
(subst "%1% and %4% and %3% and %4%" "runs" 5000 "four" "bob" "not used")
Returns the string "runs and bob and four and bob".
(subst "%8% %7% %6% %5% %4% %3% %2% %1%." "function" "subst" "the" "of" "example" "an" "is" "This")

Returns the string "This is an example of the subst function.".
Comment The xml wasn't much help in seeing what this does. Remember numbers can be strings if needed in Transcendence. %0% means %