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Name geq
Syntax (geq a [b ... bn]) -> True if a >= b >= bn
Argument List a: The first expression you want to compare.
[b ... bn]: The next expressions you want to compare.
Returns boolean: The expressions are compared left to right. If there is any case where the left value is "less" then the right value, `geq' will return Nil. Else it returns True.
Category logical operator
Description A comparison function that returns true if the left hand side is greated than or equal to the right hand side. The same as >= in math.
Integers are compared by value, so (geq 1 1) -> True, but (geq 1 2) -> Nil
Strings are compared by alphabetical position, so (geq "a" "A") -> True, but (geq "a" "B") -> Nil
Lists are compared by length, so (geq '(1) '(2)) -> True, but (geq '(2) '(1 1)) -> Nil
It is advised to play around with this a bit to get a feeling of how things compare
(geq 7 3)
Returns True.
(geq "Betel" "Betelgeuse")
Returns Nil.
(geq '(a a b) '(c d e))
Returns Nil.
(geq "B" "b")

Returns True.
Comment I am not sure how lists are compared but other than that this is your standard comparison function.