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Name enumWhile
Syntax (enumWhile list condition itemVar exp) -> value of last expression
Argument List list: A list of elements you want to walk through.
condition: Stops enum if condition is Nil.
itemVar: Name of the variable that will be used to hold the current element you are at in the enum. Does not need to be defined beforehand.
exp: The expression you want to evaluate for each element in the list. The element will be available inside the expression under the name you used in `itemVar'.
Returns Whatever the last expression evaluated inside returns.
Category list, iteration
Description A function allowing you to evaluate an expression using the variable to store the element you are at for every element in a list unless condition is Nil.
(block (condition)
	(setq condition True)
	(enumwhile '(a b c d) condition theElement
		(block Nil
			(if (eq theElement 'b) (setq condition Nil))
			(dbgOutput theElement)

This will display on the debug console.
Comment Basically a enum with an if inside of it.