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Name shpConsumeFuel
Syntax (shpConsumeFuel ship number)
Argument List ship: The ship that you want to remove fuel from.
number: How much fuel you want to remove.
Returns number: Fuel remaining.
Category ship, fuel
Description Removes the given amount of fuel from the ship.
(shpConsumeFuel gplayership 0)
Returns how much fuel the player has left.
(shpConsumeFuel theShip (shpGetFuelLeft (theShip))
Removes all fuel from the ship.
(if (gr (shpGetFuelLeft theShip) 502500)
(shpConsumeFuel theShip 500000)
(plyMessage gPlayer "Not enough fuel.")

Uses one Longzhu Sphere's worth of fuel from the reactor, but won't take the ship below one helium3 rod's worth of fuel.
Comment Useful for creating items that cost fuel per use.