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Name plyComposeString
Syntax (plyComposeString player string v1 v2 ... vn) -> composedString
Argument List player: The player.
string: The formatted string.
v1 ... vn: these will replace %1%, %2%, etc. in string in the same manner that the subst function does.
Returns composedString: a string with the proper substitutions made for the
Category player, string operator
Description Takes a string that can include substitution tokens and outputs a string that has appropriate things substituted for those tokens.
(see comment for list of tokens)
(plyComposeString gPlayer (cat "Hey boss! "
"That %man% looks like %Name% %2% by %his% %1%! "
"Should I confront %him%?") "new ship" "standing")

Will return one of following strings depending on the players gender ( ___ is the player's name):

"Hey boss! That man looks like ___ standing by his new ship! Should I confront him?"

"Hey boss! That woman looks like ___ standing by her new ship! Should I confront her?"
Gender Based:
%him% him or her
%sir% sir or ma'am
%his% his or her
%son% son or daughter
%brother% brother or sister
%man% man or woman
%Name% name of the player
String substitutions (like subst):
%1% %2% %3% %4% ...
%-1% %-2% %-3% %-4% ...
Using %-1% instead of %1%, %-2% instead of %2%, etc. will capitalize the first letter of the strings substituted in.