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Name objSendMessage
Syntax (objSendMessage targetObject sourceObject message) -> True/Nil
Argument List targetObject: The spaceObject you want to send the message to.
sourceObject: The spaceObject you want to send the message from.
message: A string containing the message.
Returns condition: True if successful.
Category message, spaceobject
Description Sends a message from a source spaceObject to a target spaceObject. At this point we don't really know what the sourceObject affects.
(objSendMessage gPlayerShip Nil "Success")

Displays Success if the player is in fight.
Comment If you just want to send messages to the player, then use plyMessage instead. One use case for this function is if you are have an item on the playership that is sending messages, and the player switches ships (then he should no longer receive those message).